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AESLV500-A-002.2-T0022 (2.2 kW, 220 V)

AESLV500-A-002.2-T0022 (2.2 kW, 220 V)
AESLV500-A-002.2-T0022 (2.2 kW, 220 V)
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AESLV500 Mini Size Sensorless Vector Control Frequency Inverter 2.2 kW, 220 V:

 Output Power:             2.2 kW;
 Input/ Output Voltage:   220 V;
 Output Current:             9 A;
 Dimensions:         100x164x116.5 mm;
 Weight:                   2.0 kg.

 Incoterms:         FOB Shenzhen;
 payment:           100% T/T befor production;
 delivery time:     15 working days;

Input & Output:
Input Voltage Range: 380/220V

Input Frequency Range: 47~63Hz

Output Voltage Range: 0~rated input voltage

Output Frequency Range: 0~400Hz


I/O Features:

Input: 6 digital inputs, 2 analog inputs

Output: 1 analog, 1 digital, 1 relay


Technology Features:

Control Mode: SPWM control, V/F control or Sensorless vector control

Overload Capacity: 150% of rated current for 60s

Starting Torque: 150% of rated torque at 0.5Hz

Speed Adjusting Range: 1:100

Speed Accuracy: ±0.5% of maximum speed


 Function Features:

16-bit microprocessor controlled PWM output

Automatic torque boost & slip compensation

Output frequency 0.1~400Hz

8-step speed control & 7-step process control

Low-noise carrier frequency up to 15kHz

2 accel./decel. times & S-curve

Process follower 0-10VDC, 4-20mA

Communication interface RS-485 (Baud rate 38400)

Energy saving & automatic voltage regulation

Adjustable V/F curve & Simple vector control

Automatic adjustment of accel./decel. Times

PID feedback control

Simple position function

0 Speed Holding function

Sleep I Revival function build-in



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