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HTEQV33-0.4/1500 (1500 kvar, 400 V)

HTEQV33-0.4/1500 (1500 kvar, 400 V)
HTEQV33-0.4/1500 (1500 kvar, 400 V)
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HTEQ type reactive power compensation:

Working voltage:  400V, 50Hz
installed capacity:  1500kvar
output capacity:   1108kvar

Incoterms:        FOB Qingdao;
payment:           30% T/T befor production;
                            70% T/T befor shipment;
Delivery time:     45 days.

HTEQ series dynamic harmonic eliminated reactive power compensation equipment consists of detection unit, main control unit, switch execution unit and tuning capacitor banks(including reactors), man-machine interface and other parts. Detection unit real-time detects system instantaneous voltage and current through voltage,current sensor, and real-time calculate system required reactive power,harmonic components,rms voltage and current, main control unit will complete logical judgment and send corresponding control order, to control switch execution unit to switch tuning capacitor banks, thus realize dynamic tracking compensation of load reactive power.
Main control unit contains advanced measuring and control system of zero transition process time, to ensure that input capacitor instantaneously at zero transition process, and naturally cut off capacitors at zero current time, switch process has no transient disturbance, avoided impact of inrush current and operating overvoltage, which guaranteed real-time of dynamic reactive power compensation, effectively reduced electrical stress impact from switch process to thyristor and capacitor,greatly improved reliability and service life of equipment.

Main characteristics of HTEQ product

• take microprocessor as detection and control core, real-time detect load reactive power, quickly calculate compensation capacity, realize fast judgment and control according to preset switch logic;
• use thyristor to constitute high speed non-contact switching switch, response timely and rapidly, high reliability, long service life;
• automatically follow and choose system zero transient process time to switch capacitor banks, transient process is very short, realize fast and dynamic compensation of reactive power;
• capacitor switch process has no impact of inrush current, no operating over-voltage, switch disturbance is small, capacity decay is small, low failure rate;
• dynamic response speed is less than 20ms, compensate the power factor to more than 0.95, and can effectively suppress voltage fluctuation caused by reactive power changes;
•contains harmonic suppress reactor, capacitor’s working stress is small, no dangerous of harmonic amplifier and resonance, can stably and reliably work in the power distribution system with higher harmonic content;
• capacitor switching control adopts working way of coding and cycle, switch is fast,accurate,and can further reduce capacitor’ work stress, fully extent life of capacitor;
• can realize split-phase dynamic compensation, apply to all kinds of unbalanced impact load;
• capacitor switching threshold and response time can be programmable, can realize convert of manual switch and automatic switch, commission and test are convenient, applicability is more widly;
• use multiple soft hardware anti-jamming measures, high anti-disturbance ability, reliable operation;
• has self-check function and over-voltage protection,over-current protection and others hardware protection functions, insure stable and reliable running of equipment;
• automatically detect system voltage, current, active power , reactive power, power factor before and after compensation;
• digital control and parameter set, LCD English display,RS485 port,standard MODBUS communication,computer remote monitor function, history event record function;
• can module parallel operation, easy.

Main technical parameter



Rating compensation capacity

100 - 2400 kvar

Supply voltage

Three phase 380V/690V±15%

Supply frequence


Capacity of each step

10—120 kvar

Target power factor

0.85~1.0(can set)

Response time

20ms—30s(according to requirement)

Reactance ratio

5%—14%(according to requirement)

Power loss

Full load<1.5% rating="" compensation="" capacity="">

Audio noise

≤60 dB

Protection function

Voltage abnormal protection;current abnormal protection;system fault protection;system over heat protection

Dimension mm

1000×1000×2200 standard MNS cabinet ×N

Storage temperature

-40~85 °C

Working temperature

-25~55 °C

Relative humidity




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