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HTSVG-0.4/200 (200 kvar, 400 V)

HTSVG-0.4/200  (200 kvar, 400 V)
HTSVG-0.4/200  (200 kvar, 400 V) HTSVG-0.4/200  (200 kvar, 400 V)
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HTSVG low voltage static var generator:
Rate voltage:      400 V;
Reactive power:  200 kvar.

Incoterms:        FOB Qingdao;
payment:           30% T/T befor production;
                          70% T/T befor shipment;
Delivery time:     45 days.

SVG static var generator is a new active dynamic reactive power and harmonic compensation device with high cost performance that developed independently.This device can do real-time tracking compensation to harmonic reactive power which changes in both size and frequency and three phase unbalance, this can provide fast dynamic reactive power compensation and harmonic filtering for power grid and electrical loads. It can effectively improve transit stability of power grid voltage suppress busbar voltage flicker compensate unbalanced loads filter the harmonic and improve the power factor.
SVG can be widely used in oil and chemistry, metallurgy, electricity, coal, electric railway, wind power plant that have impact loads and large-capacity motors.

Technical parameters


HTSVG-□/□□□   Hoteam SVG  




Apply to three phase three wire system, filter connect among three phases of grid, canfilter no-zero order harmonic, and compensate reactive power and unbalanced three phase.

Compensation capacity

20kvar400kvar(single cabinet, cabinet dimension see table 2)


Work voltage

0.4/0.69kV  ±15%  

Work frequency


Performance index

Reactive power output range

Rated inductive to rated capacitive reactive, continuous adjustment

Reactive power output characteristics

Current source output

Compensation function

Power factor compensationvoltage flicker suppressharmonic compensationload unbalanced compensation

Effective response time

Transient response<0.1ms, complete response≤10ms

Special technology

Switch ripply wave staggering technology, effectively reduce current ripply wave

Over load protection

Automatically limit at 100% rating output


Moret han 97% when full load

CT requirement

3, 0.2 level and above, 5A at secondary side

Current detection mode

Field programmable source current detection or load current detection mode

Display and port




7 or 10inch touch screen.

Communication port


Communication protocool


Digital  I/O

4 digital input, 2 digital output

Product configuration

Unit operation


Multiple operation

5 sets in parallel at most

Protection level

IP3Xplease contact manufacturer for higher protection level

Standard color

RAL7035, can be custom made

Device dimension

Up to detailed model

Ambient condition


Indoor installation, clean ambient

Ambient temperature


Storage temperature


Relative humidity

Max 95RHno condensation


Not higher than 1000m(can be higher altitude by reducing capacity)

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