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AESMV-A-077-T30 (315 kW, 3 kV)

AESMV-A-077-T30 (315 kW, 3 kV)
AESMV-A-077-T30 (315 kW, 3 kV)
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Medium voltage variable frequency drive 3 kV, 77 A, 315 kW. Low cost variable frequency drive.

Low cost variable frequency drive

 Multilevel Medium Voltage Frequency Inverter:
 Output Power:             315 kW;
 Input/ Output Voltage:   3 kV;
 Output Current:             77 A;
 Dimensions:          3700x2350x1100 mm;
 Weight:                      3500 kg.

Incoterms:        FOB Shenzhen;
payment:           50% T/T befor production;
                            50% T/T befor shipment;
Delivery time:     60 days.

The  AESMV series high-voltage frequency inverter designed and manufactured by Advanced Electric Systems LLC.  has prominent performance and high reliability with low cost. It is of AC-DC-AC voltage type inverter with main loop of multi-level topology circuit. The control mode adopts SPWM technology. And the input uses isolated transformer of multiple technology, while the output is fulfilled by the solution of phase-shifting tandem multi-unit and high-voltage to high-voltage direct conversion.

Many years of technical experience enabled Advanced Electric Systems LLC. and its staff to have developed inverters with low harmonic content, which is in a leading level in domestic. Perfect output voltage sine wave provides the inverter with stability of motor's operation during the whole speed regulation range. The low input current harmonics almost has no any disturbance to the grid and this ensures the operation reliability of the surrounding electric equipments.

This series inverter can drive and regulate the high-voltage motor in almost all kinds of application area. The speed regulation is smooth, and the efficiency and power factor is enviable. In particular, nowadays the world is in short of energy. AESMV inverter can bring great economic effect when used for blowers and pumps.

This series inverter consists of three main parts, transformer cabinet is on the left, and power unit cabinet is in the middle, while control cabinet is on the right. To improve the stability of the control circuit and to make the debugging more convenient, the control cabinet door was put on the right of the machine. This series product adopts cabinet structure with forced air cooling. And the big capacity machine adopts the cooling mode of water-cooled, air-closed circulation. The wiring terminal of input and output of the complete machine was placed on the lower left back. It is easy for connection.

Application area

AESMV high-voltage frequency inverter has been widely used for the high-voltage motor's speed regulation, energy saving, soft starting and intelligent control in the area of power supply, iron and steel, HVAC, oil, construction, mine and etc.

*Heat power station: Coal grinding machine, blower, draught fan, dust exhaust fan, circulating pump, water-feeding pump. 
*Iron and steel plant, metallurgical plant: Water-feeding pump, dust exhaust fan, draught fan, oxygenator. 
*Mine: Slurry pump, ventilator. 
*Oil: Water injection pump, oil pump. 
*Chemical plant: Compressor, blower, circulating pump. 
*draw off pump, supply pump, purifying pump, sewage pump in urban power supply and sewage disposal: 
*The grinder, pump, draught fan, dust fan, supply blower in cement plant and ceramic plant 
*others: The blower for medicine, paper making, food.




Power input

Input frequency


Input voltage

T30: 3kV, T60: 6kV, T100: 10kV(-20% ~ +15%)

Allowed time of power fail


Input power factor

In the event of rated load > 0.97


In the event of rated load > 96 %( inverter part> 98%)

Control characteristics

control mode

SPWM; tandem unit; phase-shift superposed wave; ac-dc-ac; medium-voltage to medium-voltage; technology

Output frequency

0 ~ 60Hz

Output frequency precision


Overload capacity

120%1minute, 150% 2s, 160% immediate protection(heavy load type:150%1minute, 180% 2s, 200% immediate protection)

Acceleration and deceleration time

6 ~ 1200s

Analog input

0~5V, 0~20mA, 4~20mA(2 ports)

Analog output

0~10V, 0~20mA, 4~20mA voltage, current, frequency optional(3 ways)

Analog feedback

0~5V, 4~20mA(2 ports)

Host communication

RS-485interface isolation

Switching value, input/output


Protecting functions

Over current, overload, shortcut, three phase current unbalance, instantaneous power failure, input, output phase fault, over voltage, under voltage, body overheat, transfromer overheat, exterior fault outage, power unit auto bypass


Operating environment temperature

0 ~ +40

Storage temperature

-40 ~ +70

Cooling mode

Forced air cooling

Environment humidity

< 90%no condensation


< 1000 meters

Protection level



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