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    Active harmonic filter HTQFR 4L-0.4/60A, rack type, 60 A, 400 V

    Active harmonic filter HTQFR  4L-0.4/60A, rack type, 60 A, 400 V
    Active harmonic filter HTQFR  4L-0.4/60A, rack type, 60 A, 400 V Active harmonic filter HTQFR  4L-0.4/60A, rack type, 60 A, 400 V Active harmonic filter HTQFR  4L-0.4/60A, rack type, 60 A, 400 V
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    Active power filter  HTQFR  4L:
    Rate voltage:      400 V;
    Rate current:      60 A

    Incoterms:        FOB Qingdao;
    payment:           30% T/T befor production;
                              70% T/T befor shipment;
    Package:             wooden case;
    Delivery time:     30 days.

    HTQFR active power filter was designed for internet data center (IDC). It adopted 19inch standard rack having advantages of small size, light weight, safe and reliable.
    HTQFR active power filter was designed and manufactured according to industrial product standards. It can meet the various commercial and industrial applications. This product collects harmonic filtering, reactive power compensation and three-phase imbalance correction in one b body. It is an ideal choice for the power quality control.

       Technical parameters


    HTQF 3L-0.4/□□□A-R 3L

    HTQF 4L-0.4/□□□A-R 4L


    Three phase three wire

    Three phase four wire


    Apply to 3P3L system, filter was connected among three phase of power grid, it is suited to power system with or without neutral line, it can filter none-zero frequency harmonics, compensate reactive power and phase unbalanced.

    Apply to 3P4L system, can filter  the harmonic through  phase and neutral line, include  zero sequence harmonic

    Working voltage



    Rated current



    Work frequency

    50/60Hz ±5%

    50/60Hz ±5%

    Filter ability

    Can be more than 97%

    Filter range

    250th harmonic

    Filter effect set

    Can separate set each harmonic

    Response time

    Transient response<0.1ms, complete response<20ms

    Neutral line compensate ability

    3 times in line RMS current

    Reactive power compensation

    Setting range of power factor is from inductive0.6 to capacitive 0.6

    Balance compensation

    Programmable balance of power

    Overload protection

    Automatic current limiting when 100% rating output

    Power loss

    ≤3% rated compensation capacity

    CT requirements

    3set0.2magnitude or moresecondary 5A

    Current detection means

    Source current detection or load current detection

    Display interface

    4.3inch touch screen



    Communication interface


    Communication protocol

    MODBUSRTUsupport multi-computer commuication

    Parallel operation

    10sets in parallel at most


    IP20please contact manufacturer for higher IP


    blackcan be customized


    Indoor installationclean environment



    Storage temperature


    Relative humidity

    Max 95%RHno condensation



    Main applications

    Suitable for industrial big capacity load, such as rectifier, frequency converter, UPS, IF furnace, A rc furnace and so on.

    Suitable to commercial buildings, such as energy saving lamp, computer, UPS and so on which may product 3rd harmonic.

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