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 Medium Voltage Softstarter for one AC motor:
Rate power of AC motor:       3300 kW;
Rate voltage:                        10 kV;
Rate current:                        225 A;
Dimensions:              1000x1500x2300mm;
Weight:                               - kg.

Incoterms:        FOB Xingang;
payment:          50% T/T befor production;
                         50% T/T befor shipment;
Delivery time:    45 days.


● The embedded high reliability & real time motor protection function can monitor the motor’s working conditions when it starts or under the normal operation. 

● Applying the touch screen interface, the operation is much more convenient and comfortable, there is component structure inside the equipment and modular installation is available, the equipment has multiple overvoltage absorption and protection function. The equipment can decrease the harmful impact on grid when motor gets start by limiting and clipping of instantaneous dv/dt, lightning impulse voltage, switching overvoltage and transient transition progress. 

● The device has the mode of multiple optional soft start and soft stop, applies to no-load, full load, and 150% overload starting. Jumping mode can realize the smooth start under bigger over-load, which can save the investment cost and prolong the lifetime of the motors and have a good performance on energy saving. The equipment is the best substitute for imported ones. 

Protection & Monitoring
● Over voltage protection, under voltage protection

● Active power/Reactive power Testing

● Overload protection, under voltage protection

● Power factor monitoring

● Phase shortage protection, Phase sequence protection

● Motor temperature protection, Over hot Protection

●Short Circuit Protection, Motor Shaft Lock Protection

● Phase Current Unbalance Protection

● Frequency Protection, Ground Connection/Leakage Protection

● Starting time Leakage limitation.

Specification of UNT-HVSS softstarter series:

Working conditions

Load type

Three-phase HV/MV asynchronous squirrel-cage motor, synchronous motor

Voltage range

6 kV; 10 kV

Rate frequency

50Hz ± 2Hz

General power range

6 kV        150 kW-12000 kW

10 kV         200 kW-20000 kW

Control power

220VAC, supplied by cabinet PT or on spot small bus

Cooling method

natural air cooling

Environment requirements

Ambient temperature: -15-50

Relative humidity: 5%-95%

Altitude: up to 2000 m

Locations without metal chips, conductive dusts, corrosive

Setting parameters

Startup mode

Voltage ramp start

Constant current start

Kick-up start

Startup period

(1-120) s, adjustable

Startup current

(1.0 -5.0) Ie, adjustable

Initial voltage

(30-100) % Ue, adjustable

Kick-up impulse period

(1-5) s, adjustable

Shutdown mode

Direct shutdown/soft shutdown

Soft shutdown period

(1-120) s, adjustable

Protection functions

Underload protection

Setting range: (1-99) % Irate

Actuation time: (1-250) s

Overload protection

Setting range: (100-400) % Ie (effective when bypass is running)

Actuation time: (1-250) s

Undervoltage protection

Setting range: (1-99) % Ue

Actuation time: (1-250) s

Overvoltage protection

Setting range: (100-180) % Ue

Actuation time: (1-250) s

Open-phase protection

Actuation time: (1-250) s

Phase-sequence protection

Actuation time: 0 s

Startup overfrequency protectionrts

Setting range: startup or shutdown (1-99) times or non protection per hour

Actuation time: 0 s

Three-phase current unbalanced protection

Setting range: (1-100) %

Actuation time: (1-250) s

 Bypass abnormality protection after startup

Actuation time: 2 s

Thyristor fault protection

Actuation time: 0 s

Locked rotor protection

Setting range: (400-800) % Ie

Actuation time: 0 s

Communication interface

Communication interface


Communication protocol (optional)

Modbus RTU, Profibus DP

Operation interface

User-friendly man-machine interface

7-inch colored touch screen display

Display content in touch screen

Display whether system working voltage value and curve, working current value and curve, communication and working status are normal

Memory function

Historic fault record

Record most recent five fault messages, including fault type and system working state when fault occurs

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