• Advanced Electric Systems LLC

About Us

Advanced Electric Systems LLC. is focused on the international market of electrical products and process automation. The company has focused its efforts in three areas of activity in which it operates branches:

Advanced Electric Systems Engineering and Consulting LLC. is working towards the creation of technical solutions for the implementation of low and medium voltage VFDs and soft starters in industrial facilities and infrastructure of cities.

Advanced Electric Systems Manufacturing LLC. focused in direction of production organization. This branch working with affiliate enterprises who manufactured low voltage VFD, medium voltage VFD, medium voltage soft starters etc. Company Provide control of quality products and the technical specifications.

Advanced Electric Systems Trading LLC. provides advancement of the company's products in the global market, branch is responsible for working with clients, pricing and marketing.

Advanced Electric Systems LLC. is attentive to our customers, provides technical and informational support. We are looking for regional partners for sell our products and we can offer them special conditions for cooperation.

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