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AESLV800-A-315-T004 (315 kW, 400 V)

AESLV800-A-315-T004 (315 kW, 400 V)
AESLV800-A-315-T004 (315 kW, 400 V)
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 Low Voltage Frequency Inverter:

 Output Power:              315 kW;
 Input/ Output Voltage:   400 V;
 Output Current:             600 A;
 Dimensions:         750x860x450 mm;
 Weight:                    - kg.

 Incoterms:         FOB Shenzhen;
 payment:           100% T/T befor production;
 delivery time:     15 working days;

AESLV800 low voltage frequency inverter general brochure >>

Product Description

Comprehensive Technology Features 
Input &Output
Input Voltage Range: 380/440V± 15%
Input Frequency Range: 47~63Hz
Output Voltage Range: 0~rated input voltage
Output Frequency Range: 0~400Hz or 1000Hz

I/O Features
Input: 8 digital inputs, 2 analog inputs
Output: 2 relay, 2 ditital, 2 analog

Technology Features
Control Mode: VF control, VF with PG(close-looped), Open-loop vector(without PG vector control), Vector with PG (close-looped vector control)
Overload Capacity: 60s with 150% of rated current; 10s with 180% of rated current.
Starting Torque: 0.5Hz, 200% vector
Speed Adjusting Range: 1: 100(1: 1000 with PG)
Speed Accuracy: ± 0.5% of maximum speed (SVC)
Carrier Frequency: 0.5K~15.0KHz

Function Features

LCD keypad, English, Russian, French, German, Spanish and Chinese language available
Four control mode for option: V/F control, V/F control with PG, vector control, vector control with PG;
Massive advanced functionalities available: Energy saving control, speed control, slip compensation, torque compensation, moment control, zero-servo control, motor parameter autotuning, parameter copy;
High starting torque at low speed: In the mode of closed-loop control, the series inverter can realize 150% rated torque at the zero speed;
Speed control range: 1: 1000;
Multi-function input/output terminals, multi-function analog input/output function and serial communication function make operation more convenient;
Perfect parameter online monitoring function, fault analysis function, protection and alarm function guarantee reliability of the inverter;
Inbuilt PID function;
15KW or below model is equipped with inbuilt braking unit as standard;
Sound fault protection function, guaranteeing the inverter's high performance and high reliability;
Application area:
Suitable for high-end application area with high precision, fast response, high torque, big inertia, potential load, like CNC machine, Crane, lift, elevator, winding machine, cement machine, mine conveyor etc...

More picture of the model:



Rated voltage /frequency

Three phase 380~440V  50Hz/60Hz

Allowed fluctuation

Voltage: +10% ~ -15%; Frequency: ±5%

Output voltage

Three phase 0~380V

Output frequency


Overload capacity

150% of rated current – 1Min

Control mode

V/F control, V/F control with PG, Vector control, 

Vector control with PG

LCD display

Six languages for option: Chinese, English, Russian,

 German, French, Spanish

Starting torque

180%  1Hz (200% , 0Hz in the mode of vector 

control with PG)

Speed control range

1:100  (1:1000 in the mode of vector control with PG )

Speed control accuracy

±0.2% (±0.02% in the mode of vector control with PG )

Speed response

5Hz( 30Hz in the mode of vector control with PG )

Torque control accuracy


Torque response

20Hz (40Hz in the mode of vector control with PG )

Frequency control range


Frequency accuracy 

Digital command: ±0.01% (-10~ +40);
Analog command: ±0.1% (10~ 25);

Frequency reference resolution

Digital command: 0.01Hz;
Analog command: 0.03Hz / 60Hz

Frequency reference signal

.-10V~+10V;  0~+10V (20KΩ); 4~20mA

Output freq. resolution



RS485 interface: 485+, 485- (MODBUS Protocol)

Acc/Dec time

0.01 ~ 6000s

Braking torque

20% (up to 150% for models with inbuilt braking function

 and external braking resistor)

Voltage/Frequency characteristics

15 kinds of Voltage/Frequency characteristics for option;
And user can set V/F characteristics all by themselves.

Protection function

Overvoltage, undervoltage, overload, overheat, stall,

 grounding fault, charging protection. Etc

Ambient temperature

.-10 ~ +40. Deration above 40


20~90%RH, non-condensing

Protection rating


Cooling mode

Forced air cooling

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