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Low Voltage Soft Starter 400 V, 250 kW HPISD series

Low Voltage Soft Starter 400 V, 250 kW HPISD series
Low Voltage Soft Starter 400 V, 250 kW HPISD series
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HPISD145 Economical Soft Starter:

 Output Power:               250 kW;
 Input/ Output Voltage:   400 V;
 Output Current:             470 A;
 Dimensions:                   350x226x516;
 Weight:                         24.8 kg.

 Incoterms:         EXW Shanghai;
 payment:           100% T/T befor production;
 delivery time:     15 working days;
 minimum order:  USD 3000. 
 Purchase one sample is possible only for testing our product and only for companies.

HPISD economical soft starter adopts dual MCU design, use new microprocessor technology to achieve communication, failure processing, signals acquisition, parameter setting etc. The built-in non-volatile memory is used to ensure parameters won't be lost. With perfect protect function, the entire protection and monitoring can be offered for shortcircuit, over voltage, under voltage and over load. The HPISD soft starter can achieve the full realization of intelligent systems through online update and high flexibility and human-machine interaction design. The model offers communication function which includes communication between field bus and soft starter, analogue output(optional), online software update.

Technical parameters

Rated Voltage

220~500V(consult the manufacturer for higher voltage)

Rated Frequency


Rated Current


The motor adapted

Three-phase squirrel-cage induction motor

The soft start overload


Pulse parameter


Control method

Soft start, soft stop, pump control, pulse start

Starts per hour

3~6 times/hour (as per loading application)

Adjustable starting torque

30%~80%(direct starting torque)

Number of functions


I/O setting

Analog input

1 PTC input

Logic input

4 Logic input (programmable)

Analog output


Relay output

3 Relay output,2 of them are Programmable

Operation command input

Preset by LCD keyboard, control terminal, RS485 communication, switchable among them

Dialog Tool

Built-in remote monitor or installation software

Protection & communication display

Protection & Supervision

Short circuit, over-voltage, under-voltage, overload, loss phase, phase sequence, over current, ground fault, current unbalance, overheat of motor, time of frequently start

LED display

Parameters such as current, voltage and alarm

Button-locking & Function Selection

All or some buttons can be locked and the function of some buttons can be defined to

Integrated communication protocol


Optional communications


Working environment

Working place

Indoor, no sunshine, no dust, no corrosion, no flammable gas, no grease, no steam, no dropping water, no salts and so on


Lower than 2000m

Operating temperature



Air relative humidity lower than 95%RH (25 )


No obvious vibration or shocking

Storage temperature


Protection & structure

Protection Class



Natural cooling


In cabinet

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