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Low Voltage Soft Starter 690 V, 355 kW HPS2DN series

Low Voltage Soft Starter 690 V, 355 kW HPS2DN series
Low Voltage Soft Starter 690 V, 355 kW HPS2DN series
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HPS2DN390 Soft Starter:

 Output Power:               355 kW;
 Input/ Output Voltage:   690 V;
 Output Current:             390 A;
 Dimensions:                  540x310x600;
 Weight:                         - kg.

 Incoterms:         EXW Shanghai;
 payment:           100% T/T befor production;
 delivery time:     15 working days;
 minimum order:  USD 3000. 
 Purchase one sample is possible only for testing our product and only for companies.

HPS2DN is a new intelligent motor soft starter which researched and developed on the basis of original HPS2S, HPS2D/DH with the most advanced digital processor which can adjust voltage and limit the electric current. The unique intelligent electronic circuit offers perfect control and protective function: Start linearly with higher speed, starting and stopping control of the pump, preset run at a low speed(rotating and overturning adjustment in short time of electro-controlling type). Presetable dual start-stop parameter switch freely, can monitor the load state and realize automatically run with energy-saving or light load mode. The protective function of electrical machinery insulating testing , and the protection of short circuit, phase loss and the electronic. RS485 with communication interface use modbus/profibus protocol that generally realize the longrange control and monitoring. Can be extensively used in textile industry, metallurgy industry, petrochemical industry, water treatment, shipping industry, medicine, food processing industry, mine industry, and mechanical equipment industry, etc.

General information

Supply voltage

Line to line 230V-690V (to be specified) 10%

Rated Frequency

50/60Hz 4Hz (dual frequency)

Control Supply

110-120V of 220-240V (to be specified)

Control Inputs and Outputs

110-120V of 220-240V (to be specified)


3 phase, 3 wire, squirrel cage induction motor

Operating temperature

0℃ to 50℃

Storage temperature

-20 ℃to 70℃

Maximum starting time

30 seconds

Maximum starts per hour

4 starts per hour at 400% In, Up to60 starts per hour at lower load applications

Operating parameters

Starter FLC

Starter Full Load Current 17~950 Amp

Motor FLA

Motor Full Load Ampere 50%-100% of starter FLC

Pump control curves

6 field selectable curves preventing over pressure during start and water hammer during stop

Pulse start duration

A pulse of 80% Un for adjustable time 0-1 second, to start high friction loads

Initial voltage

10%-50% Un*(can be extended to 80%Un)

Current limit

100%-400% of Motor FLA* (can be extended to 500%)

Ramp-up time

1-30 seconds (can be extended to 90s*)

Ramp-down time

1-30 seconds (can be extended to 90s*)

Dual adjustments

Secondary start stop characteristics for Initial voltage, current limit, acceleration time deceleration time and motor FLA.

Energy saving

Activated when motor is lightly loaded for extended periods

Slow speed torque

Maximum torque produced while motor is operating at 1/6 of nominal speed to a maximum of 30 seconds

Tacho and linear acceleration

12 selectable curves-defines gain control to improve the tacho

Starting from diesel generator

Special starting characteristics become operative via an internal dip switch. (contact terminal 8,for dual adjustment)

Motor protection

Too many starts

Determines maximum number of starts allowable during Start Period Range1-10starts in start period 1-60minutes

Start inhibit

Prevents starting for a variable period of 1-60 minutes after TOO MANY STARTS is indicated

Long start time (stall protection)

Starter trips if the full motor speed is not reached within the maximum start time of 1-30 seconds*

Electronic fuse (shear pin)

Trips starter in 1 cycle at 850% in during starting and 200%-850% in during running

Electronic overload (I t)

Adjustable between 75%-150% of motor FLA overload curve can be selected by setting trip time at 500% in,1-10 seconds

Under current

Starter trips when current drops below 20%-90% ln,time delay 1-40 seconds

Under voltage(**)

Starter trips when mains voltage drops below 120-600V,time delay 1-10 seconds

Over voltage

Starter trips when mains voltage increases above 150-750V,time delay 1-10 seconds

Phase loss,(under/over frequency**)

Starter trips when 1 or 2 phases fail and when frequency is 4Hz of nominal frequency

Phase sequence

Starter trips when phase sequence is incorrect

Long slow speed time

Starter trips if operating at slow speed longer than 30 seconds

Shorted SCR

Prevents starting when one or more SCRs are shorted

Heatsink over temperature

Starter trips when heatsink temperature rises above 85

External fault

Starter trips when an external contact closes for 2 seconds

Motor insulation (optional)

Alarm level setting 0.2-5M.Trips when motor insulation decreases below 0.2-5M setting.The thyristors must be protected against short circuit

Thyristor Protection

Metal Oxide Varistors(MOVs) and snubber circuits


Analogue I/O

Input of motor overheat signal Ouput of analog signals of motor current


LCD in 4 selectable languages and 8 LEDs


6 clearly defined keys for easy setting

1 C/O,8A,250V A.C,2000VA(delay 0-60 seconds) of acceleration

1 C/O,8A,250V A.C,2000VA(delay 0-120 seconds)

Fault contact

1 C/O,8A,250V A.C,2000VA(selectable as trip or trip fail safe)

Insulation alarm contact (optional)

1 C/O,8A,250V A.C,2000VA

Communication (optional)

RS 485 with Modbus/Profibus protocol for full control and supervision

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