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Medium Voltage Soft Starter 1050 kW, 6.6 kV, 100 A

Medium Voltage Softstarter for one AC motor:
Rate power of AC motor:       1050 kW;
Rate voltage:                        6.6 kV;
Rate current:                       100 A;
Dimensions:              1000X1500X2300 mm;
Weight:                               - kg.

Incoterms: FOB Shanghai

 HPMV-DN series medium voltage solid-state soft starter device is designed to the new high-tech electrical equipment based on the third generation digital microprocessor-controlled technology and modern electronic power control technology. It is used to offer the optimal drop down-current limit soft start method for motors. To adapt to different load conditions and to reach better starting effect, a variety of control modes are applied to HPMV-DN soft starter, and thus the motor can smoothly start in accelerating state at the minimum current, therefore effectively reduce the voltage drop of grid when starting, in the meantime, lower starting current and mechanical shock. When soft stop is required, the gently tapered controllable voltage can be provided to the motor for the smooth stop of the motor drive system.
  Manage the data and communication by digital CPU, strong anti-interference ability by signal access and isolation. More stable and reliable. HPMV-DN is a kind of high-performance digital Soft Starter, support smooth ramp up and ramp down of motors and reduce current impact and mechanical impact of motor and power net. Advanced optical fiber and optical fiber trigger technology ensure a full isolation of high voltage system and low voltage system. In the meantime support a perfect trigger, testing and isolation of high voltage SCR and control circuit.


• Advanced high frequency isolation and transfer technology support perfect working power for the components of high voltage system.
• Static and dynamic average voltage technology support reliable running of main components of serial connected high voltage.
• Advanced wireless voltage testing technology. Electric EVT technology, stable signal
communication, no interference orremove.
• Six starting curves, to suit different kinds of motors and applications. Automatically adjust the
rotate speed of motors, smooth and stable accelerate curve, reduce electrical and mechanical impact.
• Six stopping curves, to suit for different kinds of loadings, with the function of terminal torque
adjustment. High effective to against pump's water-hammer while stopping period.
• Smooth stepless acceleration and deceleration.
• Pulse start, increase starting torque.
• Rich protection functions which includes over voltage, under voltage, over loading, under current,
phase loss, phase unbalance, phase sequence wrong, grounding, over temperature of SCR, over starting time, starting cycle limit, SCR faulty protections and so on.
• Low voltage testing method. To test the full functions and quality of HPMV-DN soft starter by a low voltage motor. Support a complete performance report and parameter record.
• KYN24A-12 housing, raw material is made by imported aluminized zincograph. With the advantage of anti-corrosion, oxidation resistance, nice visual, high protection level. And easily to connect with other standard KYN28A-12 middle cabinets.
• For generator supporting conditions, special control program can guarantee a successful starting
on unstable voltage, current, frequency, as well 1.35 times of motors capacity.
• Dual parameter input: for dual speed motors and power net and generator supporting electricity
conditions, and for one drive two motors conditions, soft starter can input two instructions of
starting and stopping through required parameter by PLC.
• Friendly control menu and record index. Touch screen(optional).
• The RS485 communication with Modbus or Profibus protocol enables full control isolation testing
function. (Optional)

Technical performance

• Control method: pulse start, voltage ramp, constant current,rotation speed (optional).
• SoftStart/SoftStop method: Soft Start, direct start, soft stop,free stop.
• Control panel: on cabinet, remoted control, control centre(optional)
• Communication: RS485,MODBUS, PROFIBUS
• Analogue output: motor working current, 0~10v or 4~20mA.
• Initial voltage: 10% 50%Un(can be extended to 5%~80%Un).
• Current limit: 100% 400%In (can be extended to 500%).
• Soft start, soft stop time: 1~30s (can be extended to 90s).
• current, 70%~700%In, 0 10 .
• Pulse start: adjustable time: ~ sparameter setting:
1) control panel,
• Parameter setting: 1) control panel, 2)communication
• LCD display: working current, start times, running time, faulty message, etc. Optional languages: English, Chinese, Russian, German, French, Spanish.
• Noise: <80db
• starting interval time: No less than 30 mins if temperature >40 ,
starting current> 400%In. At least 15mins for better condition.
• cooling: natural cooling.
• Operating power: AC220V/50Hz 600VA.
• Main circuit power frequency endurance:42KV/MIN.
• Protection level:IP42 (ip54 optional).

Products standard

• Q/HP 001-2009 HPMV series middle and High voltage
AC motor solid soft starter equipment.
• IEC 62271-200:2003 3.6 40.5KV AC metal close switch
equipment and control equipment.
• IEC 60694:1996 The standard public technical
requirements of the high voltage switch equipment and
control equipment.
• IEC 60146-1-1:1991 the basic requirements provisions of
the semiconductor convertor.
• IEC 60947-4-2:2002 low voltage switchgear set and
control equipments. part 4-2:contactor and motor
starter, AC semiconductor motor control equipments.

Motor & Starter Protection

• Too many starts & start inhibit time
• Long start time (Stall protection)
• Electronic overload with selectable curves
• Electronic shear-pin*
• Undercurrent*
• Unbalanced current*
• Ground fault current*
• Phase loss
• Phase sequence and under/over frequency
• Under voltage*
• Over voltage*
• External faults(2separated inputs)
• Shorted SCR& Wrong connection
• Starter over temperature
• Power on without start signal
• Open Bypass contactor

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